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Summer won’t last forever….DCMB rocks in Autumn

Update time! After our first out-of-state road trip to Arcadia Brewing Company in Battle Creek, Michigan, Don’t Call Me Betty took a much-needed hiatus. We maximized our free time in various ways: climbing glaciers and fleeing from moose in the Rockies; long rides on tricked-out road bikes; time with family beside tranquil lakes; and good old fashioned work. But, alas….summer draws to a close soon, and DCMB is primed and ready to kick out a boatload of live shows, including house parties, outdoor shows downtown, university functions in fancy halls, good old bar gigs, and more. You in?? That’s what we thought. Check back often to our Facebook and Reverbnation pages to stay current, but rest assured, we shall bring the rock in large doses. See you there!

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Aug 5
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